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Puzzle #13: The Golden Child

Requirements: Puzzle #5, Puzzle #11, Puzzle #12, Level 3 Fertility, Level 3 Spirituality, Level 3 Construction
Action: Drop a mother carrying a baby into the lagoon and the Golden Child will run on top of the water. Try not to max out your population too early because if you are ready to solve this puzzle and there are no mothers, then you have to wait until someone dies before you can make another baby. Once this puzzle is complete, puzzle #14 and then puzzle #10 can be solved quickly.
Description: "A miracle! One of your villagers gave birth to a special, golden child! No one can doubt or deny his powers! Behold the Golden Child!"


  1. I dropped a mother and a baby into the lagoon and nothing happened. What do I do?

  2. Well, for one you probably didn't have level 3 spirituality, construction, and fertality. Then puzzles #5, #11, and #12. You must meet all these requirements before you can make a golden child, if it doesn't work it will say, 'You see the baby reaching for the magical waters of the lagoon,' and that is your problem.

  3. You also need to have room in your population for an additional person. If you are maxed out he won't be born

  4. What if I lost the Golden Child can I make another?

  5. What if I lost the Golden Child can I make another?