Virtual Villagers 1: Isola A New Home:

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Puzzle #4: The School

Requirements: Master Scientist
Action: Drop a master scientist on the big building just above the research table. This puzzle does not take long. The scientist will make a drum. Click the drum anytime to call the children to school.
Description: "One of your master scientists founded a school! Children will now be born with more skills."


  1. Little Easter Egg:
    Banging the drum next to the school makes all the kids run to the school...
    If you keep banging it, they sort of.. run around to the rhythm.

    Totally useless, but weirdly fun. xD

  2. I click the drum but nothing happen..

  3. How does the school increase skills. I click the drum, but the kids just come.

  4. System", scroll down to search and tick the "Enable cheats". Go back, after that it will appear "Cheats" option on the PPSSPP menu, if not, then try restart the game.Homescapes Cheats