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Puzzle #6: The Magic Fish of Fertility

Requirements: Puzzle #5, Level 2 Construction, Level 3 Farming, Master Farmer
Action: Drop a master farmer in the lagoon. If it says, 'Enjoying the lagoon', then you still need to meet the requirements before completing this puzzle. Since this takes a while, it is better to drop as many master farmers as you have in the lagoon to increase their chances of catching the fish. If the farmer doesn't catch the fish after a short while they will give up and start doing something else so you need to watch them and keep throwing them into the lagoon until one of them catches the fish. Wait for the farmer to carry the fish to the food bin.
Description: "Your master fisherman found a strange, sparkling fish deep in the lagoon. This delicious and rare fish is the Fish of Fertility. Your tribe now enjoys greater success at breeding!"


  1. how do you get'em to fish , if it says "enjoying lagoon"? didnt really didnt understand o:

  2. it only took me 2 tries!

  3. I've got two master farmers. I've got lvl 5 puzzle, lvl 2 const. I keep dropping both in and nothing happens. How many times do I need to do this? Ppl say the get ithier first or second try.

    1. Do you have level three farming? I didn't see you mention that in your comment.

  4. I got it m'y first try!!

  5. I bought level 3 farming then left the game. When I came back one of my trainee farmers was in the ocean not the lagoon and the action said fishing. He came out of the ocean and caught a fish. How????������